Brimstone Butterfly

Gail Browne



Born in Surrey January 1967, I have 5 wonderful children, I am an Artist specialising in pointillism, have studied Horticulture specialising in Organic Vegetable & Herb Growing, also studied Herbalism.

For years I have been a photographer, becoming a Professional Photographer 8 years ago, my passion for Nature Photography comes from my childhood. 


I lived in a Village very near to London, although the village is a conservation area it no longer resembles anything I remember as a child.

I loved nature from as early as I can remember, we lived in a world of Butterflies & Insects, Flowers, Fields,Picking Fruit in the Autumn, making camps inside our own separate Elder Trees so vast was our Natural playground.

Living alongside the river Wandle, we watched Great Crested Newts,Stag Beetles living in harmony with Elm Trees, both species protected now when once in abundance,.

I learnt early what flowers, seeds, berries and fungi were safe to eat and what was not, the seed of Mother Earth has stayed with me all my life & through the artistic creativity of todays art tool (My Camera) the love of Nature that remains so passionate with me today can be shown to the World.


 Copyright Gail Browne  Photography